19" Cassette, 250 – 5000W         
Output power Series PB
Technical Data Input fusing / Efficiency Front plate   Options  
    Width High Depth    
250W PB500 D A 21 / 24TE 3HE 160mm O  
500W PB600 D A 42TE O  
200W PB1200 D A 8 / 10TE 6HE O  
400W PB1300 D A 12 / 14TE O  
600W PB1500 D A 21 / 24TE O  
400W PB2500 D A 21 / 24TE 3HE 220mm O  
800W PB2600 D A 42TE O  
850W PB3500 D A 21 / 24TE 6HE O  
1250W PB3700 D A 28TE O  
1600W PB3600 D A 42TE O  
2500W PB3800 D A 56TE O  
2300W PB4700 D A 28TE 300mm O  
5000W PB4800 D A 56TE 306mm O  
construction W Mounting Plate with terminals, 300 – 5000W
Output power Series
Technical Data Input fusing / Efficiency Options
500W PB600W TD A O
200W PB1200W TD A O
400W PB1300W TD A O
600W PB1500W TD A O
400W PB2500W TD A O
800W PB2600W TD A O
850W PB3500W TD A O
1250W PB3700W TD A O
1600W PB3600W TD A O
2500W PB3800W TD A O
2300W PB4700W TD A O
5000W PB4800W TD A O
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