Complete program

Since 1977 we have been developing and producing power supplies –
individual, precise, reliable. And with good success.

We provide complete solutions, no compromises  –  From parameter analysis all the way to the ready-to-install product.

TEST our KNOW HOW FoR your power supply


We optimise our performance profile:

  • small series and also individual production
  • short response time 
  • reliable completion
  • sustainable production
  • certified quality and management system
  • guaranteed subsequent supply for up to 30 years

We ArE committed to our production made in Germany and focus on the proven in-house production when it comes to safety-related key components such as wound Goods



We produce according to European
and international standards

Our products are accompanied by extensive quality assurance measures from the developing phase through to delivery. Thus at the end of the process a product is created that in addition to all national and international requirements, above all meets customer specific requirements.


  • type tests
  • visual inspections
  • in-circuit tests
  • 100% electrical tests (with modern and automated test technique)
  • 100% standard burn-in test (optionally with extended tests such as e.g. defined climate tests)
  • insulation tests
  • outgoing goods inspection



We are cERTIFIed according to ISO 9001.

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