We have developed special products for facilities to generate alternative energies and for plants designed from a sustainability perspective.

  • Charging devices for pitch systems in wind turbines
  • Power supply systems for hydro-electric and pumped storage power stations 
  • Power supplies for fuel cell applications

BC Series


These charging devices are preferably installed in switch cabinets taking the mounting position into account. The 1200W version, composed of 2 × 600W, is equipped with internal decoupling diodes thus forming a real redundancy system. The failure of one 600W phase is reported via potential-free contacts, whereas the second phase is ensured by a 600W emergency supply. The mechanical and electrical structure of the units meets with high-level thermal as well as shock and vibration requirements; they are also available in 250W, 350W, and 1.200W.


The power supplies are predominantly designed to be independent of position. We offer different power categories that meet the standardised environmental requirements. All unit series can be adapted according to customisation. Please note the following optional equipment:



  • temperature – controlled output voltage
  • charging current limitation



– Acc. to customisation



  • battery monitoring
  • battery test
  • battery circuit/ battery symmetry
  • CAN-Bus



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