our way of thinking and acting

We do not focus on fast, spectacular success, but on continuous moderate growth.
This means:

  • Ensuring qualified care and support for our customers is our centre of interest.
  • Each of our products has to correspond to high-quality demands.
  • We reduce practicable and feasible possibilities to a common denominator.
  • We open up new markets without neglecting existing customer contacts.
  • We esteem the people who daily work with and for us
  • Our development department is focused on special customer demands.

Highest Quality Standard

Our products are used worldwide. Therefore they must be robust enough for even the highest stress. In the arctic frostiness of North Canada they have to operate as smoothy as in the tropical heat of Brazil. In general, every new product is subjected to all relevant tests, in most cases in our own test laboratory or otherwise in external ones. Our quality standard has been confirmed by multitudinous customer audits.


another Quality aspect: even after 20 years supply of replacement and exchange units is still possible


Extensive product range

The POWERTRONIC® range is composed of two product groups –  series products for standardised applications, and products that were purposefully developed by us for defined fields of application. In view of the fast-paced technical progress special importance has been given to the second group.

Our whole product range includes the following items:

  • DC/DC converters
  • Power supply units 
  • Inverters 
  • Charging devices
  • Uninterrupted DC power supplies
  • Custom-designed power supplies and systems

Flexibility taking special wishes into account

As a relatively small company rigid hierarchies and structures are unknown to us. This is why we are very flexible in our reactions to special customer requests.

  • At request, we produce individual pieces and small series.
  • We develop new products to find answers to concrete questions.
  • We cater for our customer´s individual wishes regarding unique features.

In the meantime, our flexibility has become an unmistakable hallmark of our company. 

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